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Name Bell (Wheeler), Gertrude
Born June 14, 1876
Birthplace Golden, CO
Places of residence 815 13th Steet, Golden, CO-prior home of W. L. Douglas, cobbler
Famiy moved out in 1959.
Titles & honors Bell Junior High School (Bell Middle School) is named in her honor in 1963.
Father William E. Wheeler
Mother Emily Tomlinson
Education South School Class of 1894
Greeley Normal School Class of 1918
Occupation Buffalo Creek Schoolhouse
Fairmont Elementary School
Sixth grade teacher and principal at North School (1908-1941) 47 years
Taught arithmatic and spelling at Central School (1941-1946)
6 years
Retired in 1947 after her eyesite bagan to fail.
Relationships Brother-Charles E. Wheeler
Granddaughter-Barbara Bell Hance-Charles Chester Bell was her father.
Role Academic
Spouse Charles Orlando Bell in 1900. Later divorced around 1910-1911.
Children Cecil Gertrude (Bell) Crosser-well-known poet
Lawrence Wheeler Bell
Carles Chester Bell-hard rock miner

Associated Records

Image of 0292 - Print, Photographic

0292 - Print, Photographic

Black and white framed photo of Golden High School (South School) class of 1894. Group includes seven women and three men positioned in front of a painted backdrop. In no particular order, the female students are: Mary Pearl Adair (woman seated in the front center) , Lillian M. Bennett, Julia E. Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Hemberger, Maud L. Herrod, Emma Hocking, and Gertrude E. Wheeler. William Triplet is seated in the center.

Image of 2011.099.1060 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.1060 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Gertrude Bell's sixth grade class at North School in 1926. There are 29 students in the class. Ms. Bell is standing in the back row on the far right. None of the students have been identified. Written on the bottom: North School 1926 and Teacher-Gertrude Bell. It is hard to read the bottom line.

Image of 2011.099.993 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.993 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the South School faculty in 1897 standing in front of a blackboard in a classroom. They are also standing behind a teacher's desk and the door to the classroom. Two of the women have their hands raised. Written on the back of the photograph: left to right, Frank Carpenter, Gertrude Wheeler Bell, Professor Dorr, Grace Jameson, Superintendent William Triplet, Professor L.K. Smith, Celia Ryan, Professor Eager, Josephine Davidson, John Arasmith, and Ada Glenn.

Image of 2012.010.012 - Print, Photographic

2012.010.012 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a group of men constructing Denver & Northwestern, 42" gauge train track in Golden, CO. To the right are the homes of Lt. Gov. William G. Smith (blocky-looking structure with tall chimney) and the Wheeler house (with ornamental porch). Eldridge house is further up the street facing toward camera. Calvary Episcopal Church is on the left. Mount Zion is in the background. Caption on the back of photo says, Working on a portion of the terminal loop on Second St. (12th Street today) in Golden. However, location is actually 13th Street. The depot will be built on the lot at the right of the picture, close to the mid-block between Washington Avenue and Arapahoe Street.

Image of 2012.025.013 - Print, Photographic

2012.025.013 - Print, Photographic

Black and white class photo from North School in Golden, CO. Standing in the back row, sixth from the right is Richard Grenfell. Standing in the back at the far left is Gertrude Bell.

Image of 2016.061.005 - Photograph, Black-and-White

2016.061.005 - Photograph, Black-and-White

Digitalblack and white photograph of Gertrude Bell family home in 1959 at 812 13th St, Golden, Colorado. The house at one time housed a cobbler shop moved from Ford St. The back side of the image contains a drawing of the layout of the house.

Image of 2016.061.004 - Photograph, Black-and-White

2016.061.004 - Photograph, Black-and-White

Digital copy of black and white photograph of Charles Orlando Bell, husband of Gertrude Emily (Wheeler) Bell.

Image of 2016.061.001 - Photograph, Black-and-White

2016.061.001 - Photograph, Black-and-White

Digital black and white photograph of Gertrude (Wheeler) Bell sitting at a desk in a schoolhouse.

Image of 2016.061.002 - Photograph, Black-and-White

2016.061.002 - Photograph, Black-and-White

Digital copy of black and white photograph of Cecil (Bell) Crosser wearing a costume when performing with the Golden Thespians. Cecil was born April 8, 1902 and died July 28, 1963. She was the eldest child of Gertrude and Charles Bell. She married John Wesley Crosser.

Image of 2016.061.003 - Photograph, Black-and-White

2016.061.003 - Photograph, Black-and-White

Digital copy of black and white photograph of Charles Chester Bell, son of Gertrude and Charles Bell. Born October 25, 1905, and passed away May 6, 1957. Charles married M Mona Rebecca Proffit.

Image of 2017.008.036 - Print, Photographic

2017.008.036 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a small white house partially hidden behind trees. View taken from across the street. Two cars visible in foreground. On back is handwritten, "1958" and "Gertrude Bell Res. / 13th St. / Big pine tree." Long-time Golden educator Gertrude Wheeler Bell's residence was located at 815 13th Street. Bell Junior High School (now Bell Middle School) is named after her.