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Name Enlow, Carl
Born 21 June 1907
Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri
Places of residence St. Louis, Missouri 1907-1929
Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado 1930-1986
Titles & honors Elected thirty-fifth Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado
Education Graduated high school in St. Louis
Completed two years at St. Louis University
Notes Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in 1957 for income tax evasion and sentenced to two years in the Federal Penetentiary in Springfield, Missouri (1957-1959). He was forced to resign from office on 11 January 1957 and was replaqced by Aurthur Wermuth.

He was a Republican.
Occupation 1938-1949 Deputy Sheriff, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department,
1949-1957 Sheriff of Jefferson County Colorado
1958-1965 Public Relations Manager for private security
1965- 1976 Security Officer at Target
Relationships Dorothy ______ was Enlow's nurse at the Sanitorium for Breathing Patients in St. Louis. She committed suicide in 1957. When her husband was Sheriff, Dorothy prepared all the meals for the jail inmates and spent her evenings wahsing the tin plates they ate from.
Role Law
Spouse Dorothy , , Ruth Eccles married in 1965.

Associated Records

Image of 2008.010.143 - Blueprint

2008.010.143 - Blueprint

Multi-page Plot Plan for the Jefferson County Jail, Sheriff's Offices, and Residence located at the South corner of 16th and Arapahoe Streets. The plan was done by architect Byron Hale Kaufman of Golden, commissioned by Sheriff Carl Enlow to prepare for the Board of County Commissioners. The Commissioners levied a one mill tax increase beginning in 1955 on property owners to pay for the new jail, Sheriff's residence and offices. The "Jail Fund" would grow to $300,000.00 in the coming month to allow construction to begin.

2017.010.014 - Fonds

Folder #14 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Notes on income tax investigation 1948-49 on Sheriff Carl Enlow -Rough draft of a rebuttal to the media written by Georgina Brown, who are "sabotaging and poisoning Jefferson County" -Two black and white 8x10 photographs of Sheriff Carl Enlow and his Youth Deivision, taken in 1950 by W. S. Johnson Studios of Lakewood, Colorado -Tracking records of gambling scandal of Sheriff Carl Enlow, 1948- 1949

2017.010.021 - Fonds

Folder #21 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Brown's notes on the alleged gambling payoffs to District Attorneys and Sheriffs -News clippings related to Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Enlow (1954-1957) and Sheriff Arthur Wermuth (1957-1962) -Brown's notes on the process of removing Carl Enlow as Jefferson County Sheriff -News clippings on the indictment of Clement R. Hackenthal, former Jefferson County District Attorney for income tax evasion, 1949-1950 and 1957.

2017.010.022 - Fonds

Folder #22 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -In memoriam of Dorothy Enlow and her death in 1965. Wife of former sheriff -Wedding invitation and thank you note from the marriage of Carl Enlow to his second wife Pat Eccles -Typed notes on the murder trial of Albert J. Kostal, who was found guilty of murdering Ray Earl Isley December 9, 1956. -Typed notes on gambling raids by acting sheriff Wermuth -Western Union receipt made to Georgina Brown for sending a telegraph for Washington D.C. on February 19, 1957. -1955 letter from Charles Hah, Executive Secretary of the National Sheriffs' Association, returning an old article that was not published. -Notes on Carl Enlow case

2017.010.023 - Fonds

Folder #23 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Spiral-bound wide ruled notebook with complete notes taken by Brown during the 1949 trial of Jefferson County District Attorney Hackenthal for income tax evasion and organized crime (1965 retrial) -Documents related to "executive Clemency" for Sheriff Carl Enlow, an effort directed by Brown in 1957 over the alleged organized crime influence on the Sheriff's trial -Carl Enlow's letter to his supporters in the months prior to his release from prison. Document written by Brown. -Four black and white photographs of reception for Carl Enlow upon his release from Federal custody. Photos taken at former Stapleton Airport in Denver,

Image of 2017.034.007 - Fonds

2017.034.007 - Fonds

Folder #7 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -A picture story of "Your Candidate for U.S. Senate", Dan Thornton with cameo photographs of Dwight Eisenhower, 1955. -Letters and brochures depicting candidate for Jefferson County Board of Education, Jay Dupree, 1954 -Miscellaneous Republican Party political advertisements and biographies of candidates, including all Justices of the Peace -Brochure of Don Brotzman, Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado, 1954 -September 1954 memorandum introducing Clarence Koch as candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner -Brochure on "Labor Relations Act of 1947", referred to as the "Taft-HartleyAct" -Four business car

Image of 2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

4" x 7" maroon colored register used by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Golden, Colorado as a "Civil Book". The book was used by Deputy Sheriffs serving civil process issued by the District Court in Golden. The book was used to register the service, the return of service, the service fees and the information regarding each civil judgement, from November 8, 1946 to June 3, 1947. Representative of the papers served in this book are Ed Frisby, the Sergeant in charge of the Sheriff's Department Civil Section and future Sheriff, Carl Enlow.

Image of 2008.010.147 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2008.010.147 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2 1/2" x 4" uniform sleeve patch worn by Deputies of the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff's Department. The patch is in the shape of the traditional "peanut" form worn by many policing agencies in the United States since the end of World War II. The background of the patch is green with gold lettering, trim, and designs throughout.

Image of 2008.010.153 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.153 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven pointed law enforcement badge, with designs on star points, a black banner on top designed for the owner to inscribe name, the words "Special Deputy" surrounded the state seal of Colorado. The badge was taken from the body of Police Officer Raymond Isley after he was murdered on December 9, 1956 trying to stop a robbery at 5200 W. 38th Avenue in Jefferson County. Isley was carrying the badge, issued to him by Sheriff Carl Enlow, to designate his authority over the town of Lakeside in Jefferson County.

Image of 2008.010.165 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.165 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Breast badge created and worn by Sheriff Carl Enlow during his term in office as Sheriff in Jefferson County, Colorado. The badge is copied from the design used for badges issued to Denver Police officers. An eagle adorns the top of the badge and the words in blue depict "Carl Enlow" just below the eagle's talons. The words in blue "Sheriff Jefferson County" surround the state seal of Colorado that is bordered by a dark blue line.

Image of 2008.010.166 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.166 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Law enforcement breast badge made of tin and copper worn by Carl Enlow when appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1943 by Sheriff George Koch. An eagle adorns the top of the badge, with the words "Deputy Sheriff Jefferson County" surrounding the state seal of Colorado formed from copper.

Image of 2008.010.035 - Negative, Sheet Film

2008.010.035 - Negative, Sheet Film

Lieutenant John D. "Jay" Moore was appointed a Deputy for the Jefferson County Sherif's Department in Golden, Colorado by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth in 1958. He worked in various capacities in the Sheriff's Department, such as in the Jail, Patrol (1962), and Supply (1968). He is wearing the uniform created by Sheriff Carl Enlow in 1949, consisting of an Irish green blouse and brown tie, and the bade created by Sheriff Art Wermuth in 1956.

Image of 2008.010.037 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.037 - Print, Photographic

Color photograph of Sheriff Harold E. Bray while mounted on a horse in preparation of attending the Evergreen Rodeo. Bray is wearing the white uniform shirt of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, a traditional six shooter firearm, a lasso and rain suit attached to the rear of the saddle. A Mounted Posse horse trailor is depicted. The location of the photograph was in front of the 1958 Sheriff's Department and Jail, looking west across Arapahoe Street with Castle Rock clearly defined in the distance. The patch worn by Bray in the photograph is the 1949 patch designed by Sheriff Carl Enlow with a rocker about the patch reading "Sheriff".

Image of 2008.010.043 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.043 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph depicting two Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Deputies posing beside their 1954 Chevrolet Patrol vehicles outside the side entrance of the building that led to the booking Deputy and the Jail located at 1601 Washington Avenue, Golden, Colorado. The Deputies are wearing uniforms designed by Sheriff Carl Enlow in 1949.

Image of 2008.010.055 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.055 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of two jail cells located on the upper floor (Second) of the Jefferson County Jail located at 1601 Washington Avenue in Golden, Colorado. This photograph was taken in 1956 after the escape of Kostal and Watson who were incarcerated in these two jail cells while awaiting trial for kidnapping. Kostal and Watson led authorities on a wild chase through Golden until recaptured by Sheriff's Deputies. The jail bars were made of rounded steel, a step up from the interlacing slats found in the previous 1878 jail. Rounded bars prevent sawing. Both cells were accessed by a Folger Adams jail key. The next jail built in 1958 was designed to take Folger Adams keys as well as indi

Image of 2008.010.103 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.103 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Sheriff Carl E. Enlow at his desk in his office in the Sheriff's Department in Golden, Colorado.

Image of 2008.010.104 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.104 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Jefferson County Sheriff Carl E. Enlow pinning a badge on a young member of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Youth Division.

Image of 2008.010.105 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.105 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff Carl E. Enlow receiving a painting done of him from one of his Deputy Sheriffs. The ceremony took place in Morrison following Enlow's election to a second term of office as Sheriff. Presenting the painting is Enlow's long time friend Gene Brace. Standing behind Brace is Enlow's most recent appointment as Undersheriff, Erwin "Tiny" Beckman.

Image of 2008.010.111 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.111 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a ceremony held in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado where the wife of Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Enlow, Dorothy, is receiving a bouquet of flowers for her service with Jobes Daughters. Dorothy is the woman on the right leaning forward to accept the flowers. Sheriff Enlow is standing far right in the dark suit.

Image of 2008.010.182 - Negative, Sheet Film

2008.010.182 - Negative, Sheet Film

Black and white photograph of Sergeant Ed Murphy wearing a Jefferson County Sheriff's Department uniform.