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Name Kerr (Tuttle), Mattie
Born April 2, 1880
Birthplace Morrison, CO
Places of residence 19th and Illinois, Golden
Titles & honors Rebecca
Territorial Daughters
Father George Dean Kerr
Mother Athy Miller
Education Golden High School, 1900
Notes Member First Presbyterian Church of Golden
Occupation Post Mistress of Evergreen
Spouse Seldon Tuttle, Married Dec. 22, 1903
Children Dorothy Miner
Margarite Anderson
Marie Keller
Gladys Tubb

Associated Records

Image of 2001.020.001 - Print, Photographic

2001.020.001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white framed photo of the Golden High School (South School) Class of 1900. Mattie E. Kerr, the class valedictorian, is seated in the front row on the far left. The rest of the graduating class in no particular order included: Bertha L. Aldinger-Mcclean, Frances L. Baird, Ralph Starr Bulter, Dee Clark, Estelle M. Prout, and Royal W. Sorenson. William Triplet is seated in the center.

Image of 2011.099.946 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.946 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a Golden High School chemistry class with ten students and one professor back when the high school was still located at South School. There are two large windows located on the right side of the photograph with a door on the back wall. To the left of the door is a large cabinet containing bottles. All of the students are wearing aprons with some of the students wearing sleeve protectors. The following students and professor are identified: Roy Sorenson, Mattie Kerr, Professor L.K. Smith, Essie Prout, Lelia Hessel, Vinnie Baird, Roy Hartzell, and Bertha Aldinger.

Image of 2011.099.979 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.979 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Golden High School, also known as South School, sophomore class (Caesar Class) in 1898. There are eight women sitting at desks located in a classroom which has blackboards on the walls with two doors on the left side of the photograph. The women are identified as left to right: Mattie Kerr, Essie Prout; middle row Ella Milton, Louis Curry (or Carry); front row unknown, Bertha Aldinger, Vinnie Baird, and Maird Ulshoffer (?).

Image of 2011.099.983 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.983 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a laboratory classroom at Golden High School filled with different students, also known as South School. The tables are covered with various pieces of labware. All of the students are wearing aprons. Cabinets are on the left side of the photograph with a shelving unit located on the back wall between two doors. Some of the students are identified as: Roy Sorensen, Mattie Kerr, L.K. Smith (professor), Essie Prout, Lelia Wessel, Vinnie Baird, Roy Hartzell, Maud Olsopher, Bertha Aldinger.