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Name Quaintance, Charles F.
Othernames Charlie (nickname)
Rawsey (nickname)
Places of residence Golden, Colorado
Father Brough P. Quaintance
Nationality American
Notes Known as "Prince of Boosters" for tireless work helping promote Golden
Occupation Quaintance Realty and Investment Company
Castle Rock Resort
Golden Building and Loan
Quaintance Photo Gallery
Relationships Brother of Arthur D. Quaintance and Cregar Quaintance
Role Business
Spouse None
Children None

Associated Records

Image of 2006.003.009.003 - Postcard

2006.003.009.003 - Postcard

Black and white photographic postcard of a woman and two young girls seated on two different donkeys in Golden, CO. Castle Rock and South Table Mountain are in the background. The back has been used for correspondance.

Image of 2008.001.001 - Postcard

2008.001.001 - Postcard

Unused sepia postcard titled Burro Transportation, Castle Rock at Golden. Postcard depicts a woman seated on a burro with Castle Rock in the background.

Image of 2011.001.005 - Postcard, Picture

2011.001.005 - Postcard, Picture

Black and white photo postcard of three women in a biplane superimposed over a background of Castle Rock in Golden, CO. Postcard is unused. Negative number 680.

Image of 2013.041.001 - Postcard, Picture

2013.041.001 - Postcard, Picture

One black and white real photo postcard of a group of men and women on donkeys posed under Castle Rock in Golden, CO. A total of ten riders, four men and six women are nicely dressed each wearing a coat and hat. The silhouette of the Castle Rock Resort can be made out along the top of Castle Rock. The back of the postcard is not used. Golden, Colorado is hand-written across the bottom. The upper left hand corner is printed with the following: Castle Rock Resort at Golden, affords visitors to Denver one of the most novel and sightly foot hill trips. Reached by Seeing Denver Automobiles-Tramway and Intermountain Electric Lines QUAINTANCE INVESTMENT COMPANY, GOLDEN, COLO.

Image of 2014.049.001 - Postcard, Picture

2014.049.001 - Postcard, Picture

One used real photo postcard of three young men in a prop bi plane. South Table Mountain and structures upon Castle Rock are in the background. Back of card shows it was produced by Quaintance Investment Co. of Golden. Back upper left hand text says: Duplicate orders 1/4 doz. or more 10c. each. Order by number. Quaintance Investment Co., Golden, Colo. Correspondence says: Dear Sister: You see you are not the only highflyer. We are above Castle Rock which rises six hundred feet above the City (?) of Golden. My roommate is on my left and the person steering is a Lexington Ky man. Hope you are having a good time. Will send a banner in about three day. Lovingly Your brother.

Image of 2014.057.001 - Postcard, Picture

2014.057.001 - Postcard, Picture

Real photo postcard of three young boys seated on a burro in Golden, CO. Postcard produced by Chas. F. Quaintance, Real Estate, Golden, Colo. Operating Castle Rock Resort, The Burro Studio, The Burro Stables, Summer Cottages. Back of postcard idfentifies boys as Ted, Edwin, age 4 yrs old, and Doc.

Image of 2015.033.001 - Postcard

2015.033.001 - Postcard

Color postcard of 13 people sitting on top of burros near the base of South Table Mountain and Castle Rock, which are located in the background. There is a white house located in the background near the right side of the postcard. Written in the top right corner "Familiar Scene at Castle Rock, near Golden, Colo.". Written on the back in the top left corner: Colorado Selling Co. Denver, Col.

Image of 2017.003.001 - Postcard, Picture

2017.003.001 - Postcard, Picture

One real photo postcard of a group of people posing in front of Castle Rock and South Table Mountain in Golden, CO, c. 1910. Group includes 13 men and women dressed formally. Four members of the group are seated on donkeys. Produced by the Quaintance Investment CO. Back of postcard is unused

Image of 2017.048.001 - Postcard

2017.048.001 - Postcard

Unusued picture postcard. Black and white image of a man in suit with vest and hat and carrying a walking stick holding the reins of a donkey carrying a child in a light colored dress and sunhat with a large bow. On the other side of the donkey is a woman in a corseted skirt and blouse, wearing a heavily flowered hat. In the background are houses and Castle Rock. On back of postcard is printed, "Chas. F. Quaintance, Reali Estate, Golden, Colo. / Operating Castle Rock Resort, The Burro Studio, The Burro Stables, Summer Cottages."

Image of 2017.069.001 - Postcard

2017.069.001 - Postcard

Unused postcard depicting a photo of three young women, two of them sitting on burros, with Castle Rock in the background. The two women sitting on the burros are wearing large brim hats and the third woman is carrying a handbag or purse.

Image of 2062.n.04 - Postcard

2062.n.04 - Postcard

Front 1467 - New Arrivals at Golden, Colo. - Man holding mules, and Back 1469 - View of Golden, Clear Creek Valley and the Plains from Lookout Mt. Park

Image of 2012.048.001 - Postcard

2012.048.001 - Postcard

Digital copy of a black and white photo postcard of five people posed with donkeys in Golden, CO. Three young women and one man are seated on donkeys while another woman is standing to the left. Castle Rock and South Table Mountain are in the background.

Image of 2013.016.001 - Print, Photographic

2013.016.001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of Carl Osborn posing between two young burros near the intersection of Washington Avenue and 13th Street in Golden, CO. Carl is wearing a white shirt and dark bowtie. He's also wearing a hat that says, Seeing Denver across the top.