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Name Wermuth, Arthur
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Places of residence Chicago, Illinois
Golden, CO
Hill City, South Dakota
Conifer, Colorado
Golden, Colorado
Titles & honors Major, United States Army. Drafted in 1941 with an MOS of military police. Taken prisoner on Corregidor in 1941. Earned Bronze and Silver Stars, Distinguished Service Medal and five Purple Hearts. Held in Manken, Manchuria until released in late 1945.
Education B.S. in Bacteriology from Northwestern University in Chicago
Notes Divorced Julia Bowers on 10.7.1977 in Las Vegas.
Occupation Bacteriologist at Abbotl Laboratories, Chicago

Acrobat with Flying Tiger Circus

Gas Station Attendant, Hill City, SD 1947

Wichita, Kansas City Marshall, 1948

Oil Engineer, Venuzuela 1949

Insurance Broker, Denver, CO 1951

Rancher, Conifer, Colorado 1952-1956

Sheriff, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, 1957
Role Law
Spouse Jean Wilkins, 1935, Patricial Steele, 1946, Julia Bowers, 1960

Associated Records

2017.010.008 - Fonds

Folder #8 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Jefferson County Schools R-1 program for "The Childhood of Hiawatha", a skit done by 4,600 students from nearby schools. Skit was to dedicate the new County Health and Recreation Center and football field at 6th Avenue and Kipling Streets, 1959. -February 9, 1972- Brown describes investigation into County corruption that began with former Sheriff Art Wermuth and exposed commissioner Joe Lewis, 9 pages -Brochure for Jefferson County Designated Centennial Sites, 1976 -List of distances between od stage stations and ranches along Old Julesburg Road by Henry J. Bahn -Fiction accounts of 1904, possibly for a book

2017.010.021 - Fonds

Folder #21 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Brown's notes on the alleged gambling payoffs to District Attorneys and Sheriffs -News clippings related to Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Enlow (1954-1957) and Sheriff Arthur Wermuth (1957-1962) -Brown's notes on the process of removing Carl Enlow as Jefferson County Sheriff -News clippings on the indictment of Clement R. Hackenthal, former Jefferson County District Attorney for income tax evasion, 1949-1950 and 1957.

Image of 2017.010.033 - Fonds

2017.010.033 - Fonds

Folder #33 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Controversy over allowing "thing" shoes into the Jefferson County Jail. Judge George Priest orders Clyde Prichard to accept shoes from Willard Freeman. Shoe incident recalls a similar situation before when Kostal and Watson used a shoe to introduce a file to the jail. Kostal: "Who was it under Wermuth's when there was a shoe involved- a message in the sole?" -Unused 1958 black planner/calendar with Sheriff Arthur W. Wermuth in gold lettering. -1960 black planner/calendar with Sheriff Arthur W. Wermuth in gold lettering with page ripped out. -

2017.010.034 - Fonds

Folder #34 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Description of various criminal cases heard by Judge George Priest, 1964-1966 -Notes on October 21, 1959 civil case against Sheriff Wermuth and Deputy Richard Moore brought by William Caldwell for false arrest -Various newspaper clippings on crime in Jefferson County in 1965 -Notes on robbery case at home of Percy L. Edwards of Arvada -Notes on Freeman LaCosse sentencing by Judge George Priest in August 1966 for aggravated robbery -Notes on People v. Rhoades, Frederick Larry Rhoades, in 1964

Image of 2017.010.043 - Fonds

2017.010.043 - Fonds

Folder #43 containing items from Georgina Brown, including -Notes on hearings of R-1 school issues, i.e. zoning issues -Notes on October term 1960 of Jefferson Country Court -Notes on September term of 1st Judicial District Court -September 1, 1960 notes on issuance of a warrant for Joseph Corbett, denied by District Court and sent to J.P. Court in Golden -1959 notes on sentencing inmates to hard labor -1959 list of divorces and marriages -1959 notes on improvements to County Airport with Mid-Continent, 7 pages -August 1959 newspaper clippings on sexual assault case involving Francis Specht -Specht case notes August 1959 -Notes on ground-breaking of Jefferson County Airport, Augu

Image of 2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

4" x 7" maroon colored register used by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Golden, Colorado as a "Civil Book". The book was used by Deputy Sheriffs serving civil process issued by the District Court in Golden. The book was used to register the service, the return of service, the service fees and the information regarding each civil judgement, from November 8, 1946 to June 3, 1947. Representative of the papers served in this book are Ed Frisby, the Sergeant in charge of the Sheriff's Department Civil Section and future Sheriff, Carl Enlow.

Image of 2008.010.070a - Key, Jail

2008.010.070a - Key, Jail

Jefferson County purchased five keys to operate the doors of the Jail built in 1958. The keys were made by Southern Steel in San Antonio, Texas and carried in a pouch attached the belt of a Jail Deputy. These keys were irreplaceable and expected to last the lifetime of the jail facility, but extraordinary lengths were taken to ensure these keys would never leave the inside of the jail. This particular key was used by the Jail Shift Supervisor. It opened all doors in the Jail, including the south, east and sally port doors. This particular key was considered the "master" key, and therefore, has endured the most use.

Image of 2008.010.142 - Card, Identification

2008.010.142 - Card, Identification

Wallet size lamenated card badge issued to Heston Derwood Adams in 1959 by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth, identifying Adams as a "Special Deputy" in charge of security at the Rocky Mountain Bank in Lakewood. The card is signed in blue ink by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth of Jefferson County, Colorado.

Image of 2008.010.160 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.160 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven point silver colored metal police badge with the words "Special Deputy Jefferson County" surrounding the state seal of Colorado.

Image of 2008.010.155 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.155 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Silver with blue trim hat badge affixed to headgear worn by Raymond Isly on the night of his murder in 1956. The badge was made by Lastamp & .A. H. Staty Company. The badge was produced for general policing services in the 1950s, with "Special Officer" on the badge highlighted in traditional city police blue.

Image of 2008.010.161 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.161 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven pointed Sheriff's badge made of brass and tin with seal for the State of Colorado and the words "Special Deputy" surrounding the center. This badge was issued to Heston Derwood Adams for his role as security for the Rocky Mountain Bank in Lakewood, Colorado, issued October 6, 1959.

Image of 2008.010.162 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.162 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven pointed badge made of tin and brass with the words "Special Deputy Sheriff Jefferson County" on a label around the state seal of Colorado.

Image of 2008.010.163 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.163 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven point badge made of brass and tin that was issued by the Sheriff of Jefferson County Colorado to volunteer citizens who provided service to the Department by the use of horses. The bagde depicts a mounted cowboy riding a bucking horse surrounded by the words "Sheriff's Mounted Posse Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Colo."

Image of 2008.010.168 - Chain, Restraining

2008.010.168 - Chain, Restraining

One set of body chains used for securing inmates at the Jefferson County Jail in Golden, Colorado. This body chain has one handcuff and a 2" metal ring on the other end. This body chain was used to secure Arthur Watson, the murderer of a Lakeside Colorado Peace Officer Raymond Isley in 1956, who was apprehended with his partner, Arthur Kostal, by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department following his escape from the Jefferson County Jail.

Image of 2008.010.169 - Decal

2008.010.169 - Decal

13" multi-colored decal of the badge designating the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff's Department. Made with reflective facing, the badge depicted was created by Sheriff Art Wermuth in 1959. This decal is used to identify patrol cars and large equipment used by the Sheriff's Department.

Image of 2008.010.177 - Ledger

2008.010.177 - Ledger

In February of 1878 the County Commissioners officially turned the new Jail over to Sheriff John Belcher to manage and house prisoners. This Jail was located in the basement of the 1877 Courthouse located at 15th and Washington Avenue. Belcher changed the method of keeping track of inmates, including court dispositions and sentencing, by capturing this information by longhand in a large, bound book, known as a ledger. Who ever was working the "Booking" desk at the time was responsible for adding information to the ledger regarding the disposition of arrestees. The first entry was made on February 18, 1878 on Inmate Richard Sloan placed in the jail by the County Court on a mittimus for "shooti

Image of 2008.010.022 - Negative, Sheet Film

2008.010.022 - Negative, Sheet Film

Black and white photograph viewing south of the new fleet of Edsel Patrol cars for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in 1959. Standing far left in light colored suit and Stetson hat is Sheriff Arthur Wermuth, and standing next to him wearing the dark suit and Stetson hat is Undersheriff Lou Holley. The building shown in the photograph is the Jefferson County Courthouse. This photograph shows the main entrance to the Courthouse that faced west toward the campus of the Colorado School of Mines. It was built in 1954 on property once used as a city park. Pioneer Park was sold to the County by the City of Golden for one dollar in order to build the Courthouse, and eventually a Hall of Just

Image of 2008.010.035 - Negative, Sheet Film

2008.010.035 - Negative, Sheet Film

Lieutenant John D. "Jay" Moore was appointed a Deputy for the Jefferson County Sherif's Department in Golden, Colorado by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth in 1958. He worked in various capacities in the Sheriff's Department, such as in the Jail, Patrol (1962), and Supply (1968). He is wearing the uniform created by Sheriff Carl Enlow in 1949, consisting of an Irish green blouse and brown tie, and the bade created by Sheriff Art Wermuth in 1956.

Image of 2008.010.053 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.053 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the artist rendition of the 1958 Jefferson County Sheriff's Offices and Jail located at 1600 Arapahoe Street in Golden, Colorado. The image depicts the front entrance to the Sheriff's Department, the steps that led down from the entrance to Arapahoe Street, and the outside walls of the Jail.

Image of 2008.010.054 - Print, Photographic

2008.010.054 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph depicting the front entrance to the 1958 Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Jail located at 1600 Arapahoe Street in Golden, Colorado. This photograph also depicts a 1959 Ford Edsel Patrol vehicle and 1959 rescue van owned by the Sheriff's Department parked adjacent to the front steps of the Sheriff's Department. The wall panels behind the two vehicles depict the eastern half of the Jail.