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Name Foss Drug

Associated Records

Image of 2009.002.027 - Contract

2009.002.027 - Contract

Bill Deason's contract with Foss Drug Store dated March 1, 1942 as signed by Bill Deason and Dorothy Foss O'Byrne. The contract signing was witnessed by Frederick Foss and F.J. Reinhard, Jr. The original envelope is included, with the words "Contract with Foss Drug" written on one side.

Image of 2009.002.029 - Card, Greeting

2009.002.029 - Card, Greeting

One card with an image of the Statue of Liberty's arm on the front. Inside the card is a note from Charles Deason to Melanie Deason. Of note is the section about the Foss's giving Bill and Nelle Deason a new Ford Coupe as a wedding present.

Image of 2009.002.032 - Envelope

2009.002.032 - Envelope

One envelope with the Foss Drug Store return address in the top left corner: Foss Drug Co.; Golden, Colorado. On the front of the envelope has the writing: W.E.D.; With kindest regards and appreciation both personal and in business of your fine character, Merry Christmas.; H. There is nothing inside the envelope. The envelope is addressed to Bill Deason from Heinie Foss.

Image of 2009.002.033 - Book

2009.002.033 - Book

Book written by Melanie Greer Deason about William Deason with the title "Wiliam Elijah Deason: The Older Brother- A Remembrance of Forgotten Lives". There is a photograph of William Deason, on the left, and his brother Charles Deason on the cover of the book.

Image of 2009.002.036 - Scrapbook

2009.002.036 - Scrapbook

One black binder scrapbook filled with documents related to Bill Deason and his two wives, Dorothy and Nelle Deason. Contents: -Letter to the Colorado Railroad Museum from Melanie Deason -Book "William Elijah Deason: The Older Brother- A Remembrance of Forgotten Lives" -Black and white photograph of Dorothy Deason -Black and white photograph of Dorothy and Bill Deason on their wedding day along with the program for their wedding -Two black and white photographs of Bill and Dorothy Deason and their wedding party along with an envelope of the negatives of the wedding day -Photocopy of Dorothy Mae Deason driver license year 1939 -Get well card to Dorothy Deason from Chapter Q with envelope

Image of 2009.002.037 - Disc, Compact

2009.002.037 - Disc, Compact

One compact disc with documents and photographs related to Bill, Dorothy, and Nelle Deason. The disc includes: -Folder: the corrected Bill Deason Memorial book. This includes the complete booklet which was created by the donor Melanie Deason for Bill Deason's memorial service. -Folder: FA Foss letter to Bill and Nelle 47 Honeymoon- Orig w_Foss#EFD0. This includes the letter and envelope which was sent to Bill and Nelle Deason by Heinie Foss. -Folder: Golden Newsarticle Originals with Foss. This includes the newspaper article from the Rocky Mountain News March 13, 1991 "Personalities enrich, enliven: Resourceful brewer, early settlers among characters who helped carve town's history." -Pho

Image of 2011.020.078 - Article

2011.020.078 - Article

12 Articles written by Lorraine Wagenbach for Golden Wire, The Denver Post, and Heart of Golden. Titles listed below: -Then and Now: The "Denver Mud" Cure-all, 2 pages -Golden Gem: La Veta Trezise: Focus on Education and Community Service, 3 pages -Then and Now: A Dreaded "Chain" Store, 1 page -Merry Christmas from Golden Wire: Another Time. ANother Christmas, 2 pages -A Lost Button, 2 page -The Golden Waffle Inn, 2 pages -4 articles about Golden High School, none have titles -The 1913 Snow Storm in Golden, 2 pages -A Time of Tranquility, 5 pages

Image of 2014.007.002 - Audiocassette

2014.007.002 - Audiocassette

One compact disc and one audio cassette recording of Maude White and Irene Goetze. Completed as part of Golden Landmarks Association Oral History Project Phase II. Topics covered in interview with Maude White include: I. Coming to Golden in 1902 from Aspen II. Father was a miner, working at the quarry III. Transporting the rock for the Denver Tramway IV. Later worked for Rubey Clay Pits V. Available foods VI. Stewart Market VII. Treffeisen slaughter house VIII. White family ranch IX. Cornish pasties, monthly pasty sale X. Water well XI. Entertainment: shows opera, dances, roller skating, slide shows XII. People XIII. Businesses: flour mills freights trains XIV. Events XV. T

Image of 2015.016.001 - Narrative

2015.016.001 - Narrative

"A Vacation in Colorado: July 4, 1941 to August 1, 1941" as written by Harold A. Miner with William Miner. A 47 page narrative about their vacation to Colorado and Golden in 1941.

Image of 2015.016.001 - Narrative

2015.016.001 - Narrative

"A Vacation in Colorado: July 4, 1941 to August 1, 1941" as written by Harold A. Miner with William Miner. A 47 page narrative about their vacation to Colorado and Golden in 1941.

Image of 2017.021.001 - Manuscript

2017.021.001 - Manuscript

Frederick Allen "Heine" Foss chronicles how he first met his wife, Barbara Fleming, and their life together in Golden, Colorado. Subjects include their military service, ranching in Golden and the Mesa Meadows housing development.

Image of 2002.001.009 - Postcard

2002.001.009 - Postcard

Color postcard #3186 of Washington Avenue in Golden, CO. looking north. Businesses line both sidees of the street and cars are parked at diagonals. Postcard is unused.

Image of 2002.001.010 - Postcard

2002.001.010 - Postcard

Color postcard #725 of Washington Street, in Golden, Colorado. The back of the postcard is unused.

Image of 2011.003.014 - Postcard, Picture

2011.003.014 - Postcard, Picture

Black and white picture postcard of Washington Avenue viewed toward the Northwest with several cars parked diagonally along the street. The Holland House is located on the left side with "Hotel, Cafe" sign hanging on the front of the building. The Conoco Gas Station, Foss Drug Store, and Alpine Drug Store are seen on the left side of Washington Avenue. The Golden Gem theatre and the Linder Block are located on the right side of Washington Avenue.

Image of 2012.082.004 - Postcard, Picture

2012.082.004 - Postcard, Picture

Color postcard looking north up Washington Avenue in Golden, CO. The Holland House hotel and dining room are on the left with cars parked diagonally on both sides of the avenue. The "Howdy Folks Welcome to Golden" arch is visible to the right. Postcard is unused.

Image of 2013.003.005 - Print, Photographic

2013.003.005 - Print, Photographic

Color canvas portrait of Heinie Foss seated in a chair outside of his barn at 501 North Ford Street in Golden, CO. He is wearing a purple shirt, tan jacket and a Stetson.

Image of 2014.002.023 - Poster

2014.002.023 - Poster

One color poster showing different landmarks of the City of Golden. The poster also includes written history of different landmarks and of the City of Golden. The poster was created by Front Range Poster Promotions from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Image of 2014.004.001 - Figure, Toy

2014.004.001 - Figure, Toy

Plastic Fredrick Allen "Heinie" Foss bobblehead doll to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Foss Drug store being open in Golden, Colorado for the years 1913-2013. The figure is of Foss holding a smaller version of himself wearing a light colored suit and a red tie. The figure is standing on a black square base with the words: F.A. "Heinie" Foss; 1913-2013; Golden, Colorado; and "100 Great Years" stamped along all four edges. This particular bobblehead is marked on the bottom as number 1 of 100. The bobblehead is housed in the original box which it came in.

Image of 2014.005.001 - Postcard

2014.005.001 - Postcard

Color postcard of Foss General Store located at the intersection of Washington Avenue and 13th Street in Golden, CO. Multiple large signs are visible on the building including Foss Discount Liquors and Golden Ram Restaurant. The Foss mural depicting some moments in Golden's history by Robert Dafford in 1993 can be seen to the left on the south side of the building. Golden Colorado is printed across the bottom center of the front. Written on the back upper left corner: Foss General Store A unique shopping experience since 1913. Step back in time and visit "Where the West Shops"! Photo by Art Bilsten.

Image of 2014.019.002 - Supplement, Newspaper

2014.019.002 - Supplement, Newspaper

Special Section celebrating Foss General Store's reopening after major expansion. The 16 page special section highlights the history of the Foss family, store, and tidbits related to the nine month expansion program. The section was inlcuded in the Coloroado Transcript on Thursday, November 30, 1961.