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Name Jefferson County Sheriffs

Associated Records

Image of 2008.010.143 - Blueprint

2008.010.143 - Blueprint

Multi-page Plot Plan for the Jefferson County Jail, Sheriff's Offices, and Residence located at the South corner of 16th and Arapahoe Streets. The plan was done by architect Byron Hale Kaufman of Golden, commissioned by Sheriff Carl Enlow to prepare for the Board of County Commissioners. The Commissioners levied a one mill tax increase beginning in 1955 on property owners to pay for the new jail, Sheriff's residence and offices. The "Jail Fund" would grow to $300,000.00 in the coming month to allow construction to begin.

Image of 2008.010.176 - Report, Administrative

2008.010.176 - Report, Administrative

8 1/2" x 11" collection of daily reports completed by Deputies and Investigators with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. The purpose of the reports was to describe all events responded to by Deputies and Investigators between 6:00 pm and 7:00 am each night. The reports were sent to Deputies and Investigators assigned to Day Shift to keep them aware of the previous night's activities. The report program was initiated by Sheriff Carl Enlow in November of 1948 and continued through the terms of office of Arthur Wermuth (1957-1962) and Harold E. Bray (1962-1976). The report process ended in 1976 when these records were kept at real time by the Dispatch Center of the Sheriff's Department.

0317c - Book

Book titled, "Civil Code and Procedure of the State of Colorado", 1877. Published in Denver, CO. Book has tan leather with red back and gold labels on binding. Ink on front reads, J. W. Belcher, Ex Sheriff of Jeff. Co.

Image of 2008.010.062 - Mug, Coffee

2008.010.062 - Mug, Coffee

A grey colored coffee mug given out as political marketing in the 1982 General Election in Jefferson County, Colorado by incumbent Sheriff Harold E. Bray. Words on the cup read "I'm for Bray, Best in the West".

Image of 2008.010.004 - Camera

2008.010.004 - Camera

Inspectrograph 11 volt Infrared Eastman Kodak Graflex Fingerprint Camera. This is a camera used by Detectives to photograph trace evidence such as blood, semen, hair, dust and gun powder. The camera was powered by a 11 volt power source, used a film pack of 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch plate size. The lens is a Kodak Anastigmat 72mm f/6.3 and could make 1:1 photographic copies of fingerprint cards. A lens is recessed inside the flat brown rigid shroud and is pre-focused on the plane of the opening in the front of the shroud. To make an exposure, Detectives placed the shroud opening directly on the surface to be photographed. The power source illuminated the subject photographed. The shutter is a slidin

Image of 2008.010.005 - Camera

2008.010.005 - Camera

Inspectrograph UV Kodak Graflex Fingerprint Camera. A camera used in the field by Detectives to take photographs of trace evidence such as bullet holes, footprints, tire prints, shell casings, and other items. Shoots film size 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch plates, and the lens is manufactured by Kodak, identified as Anastigmat 72mm f/6.3. The camera takes 1;1 ration photographs that required the Detective to place the camera close to the subject. This camera is powered by UV light instead of IF light and, therefore, can be taken in to the field to take photographs at the actual crime scene. A lens is recessed inside the flat brown rigid shroud of the camera, and is pre-focused on the plane to the openin

Image of 2008.010.008 - Shackle

2008.010.008 - Shackle

A "body chain" used by Deputies assigned to the Jefferson County Jail to restrain prisoners during movement outside the facility. Body Chains were normally used for the most difficult of prisoners to ensure security. This Body Chain was purchased by Sheriff George E. Koch in 1945. This body chain is anchored by Peerless Handcuffs, laced through metal grommets attached to a leather belt by interweaving chains. The belt was placed around the waist of the prisoner and the ends of the chain were connected together by the Peerless handcuffs.

Image of 2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

2008.010.036 - Record, Judicial

4" x 7" maroon colored register used by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in Golden, Colorado as a "Civil Book". The book was used by Deputy Sheriffs serving civil process issued by the District Court in Golden. The book was used to register the service, the return of service, the service fees and the information regarding each civil judgement, from November 8, 1946 to June 3, 1947. Representative of the papers served in this book are Ed Frisby, the Sergeant in charge of the Sheriff's Department Civil Section and future Sheriff, Carl Enlow.

Image of 2008.010.064 - Mug, Coffee

2008.010.064 - Mug, Coffee

8 oz. coffee mug used by Sheriff Harold E. Bray as a campaign artifact for the 1982 general election. The mug depicts an article written by the Colorado Transcript newspaper published on January 12, 1982 commemorating a unique moment in Bray's professional life. The incident involved Bray on an airliner in bound to Colorado from California at night. The airplane was flying at altitude over the Rocky Mountains when Bray glanced out of his window to notice what appeared to be an SOS signal coming from the ground. It appeared that the signal was aimed at the aircraft by a flashlight. As a Navy veteran, Bray recognized the signal as an SOS and notified the pilot who marked the location of the sig

Image of 2008.010.065 - Badge, Campaign

2008.010.065 - Badge, Campaign

1" miniature police badge made of tin and colored yellow use by Sheriff Harold E. Bray to give to children during his 1974 campaign. The words, "Sheriff Bray's Deputy" is written on the front of the badge.

Image of 2008.010.066 - Badge, Campaign

2008.010.066 - Badge, Campaign

2" tin badge used by Sheriff Harold E. Bray to give to children to wear during the political campaign. The badge is gold in color with a pin on the back of the badge to affix to a child's clothes. The words "Sheriff Bray's Special Deputy" is inscribed on the front of the badge.

Image of 2008.010.067 - Badge, Campaign

2008.010.067 - Badge, Campaign

Small 1" tin campaign button in the shape of a Sheriff's badge used by candidate Harold E. Bray as political handouts to children in the 1978 general election for County Sheriff. Etched on the tin badge are the words, "Special Bray's Deputy". A flange on the back of the tin star was used to affix the item to a child's clothing.

Image of 2008.010.070a - Key, Jail

2008.010.070a - Key, Jail

Jefferson County purchased five keys to operate the doors of the Jail built in 1958. The keys were made by Southern Steel in San Antonio, Texas and carried in a pouch attached the belt of a Jail Deputy. These keys were irreplaceable and expected to last the lifetime of the jail facility, but extraordinary lengths were taken to ensure these keys would never leave the inside of the jail. This particular key was used by the Jail Shift Supervisor. It opened all doors in the Jail, including the south, east and sally port doors. This particular key was considered the "master" key, and therefore, has endured the most use.

Image of 2008.010.159 - Pin, Law Enforcement

2008.010.159 - Pin, Law Enforcement

1/2" silver colorado pin depicting the letters, "S" and "P". This pin was taken from the body of slain police officer Raymond Isley. The pin designates Isley's work as a "Special Patrolman" for the town of Lakeside in Jefferson County.

Image of 2008.010.142 - Card, Identification

2008.010.142 - Card, Identification

Wallet size lamenated card badge issued to Heston Derwood Adams in 1959 by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth, identifying Adams as a "Special Deputy" in charge of security at the Rocky Mountain Bank in Lakewood. The card is signed in blue ink by Sheriff Arthur Wermuth of Jefferson County, Colorado.

Image of 2008.010.144 - Banner

2008.010.144 - Banner

Artificial fabric displaying a campaign sign for Harold E. Bray, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado. The sign reads: "Re-Elect Harold Bray, Sheriff, Jefferson County". The sign letters are brown except for "Harold Bray" which are in green, the color of the Sheriff's Department uniform shirts. The sign was made by Martin Sign Company at 3044 Broadway in Denver, Colorado and endorsed by the Sign and Pictorial Painters Union Local 1045. There are six total brass grommets to hang the sign.

Image of 2008.010.145 - Banner

2008.010.145 - Banner

Yellow canvas campaign banner for Republican candidate Harold E. Bray. The sign has the words "Re-Elect Sheriff Bray", these letter are black paper which are either electrical tape or paper letters glued on. There are four nylon ropes sewn onto the back of the banner used for hanging.

Image of 2008.010.146 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2008.010.146 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2 1/2" x 4" uniform blouse patch worn by members of the Jefferson County Colorado Sheriff's Department. The patch is the same as designed by Sheriff Carl Enlow in 1949, except that the blue horizon border was removed and replaced by a gold Colorado horizon. Harold E. Bray was the Sheriff in office at the time of the uniform change.

Image of 2008.010.147 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2008.010.147 - Patch, Law Enforcement

2 1/2" x 4" uniform sleeve patch worn by Deputies of the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff's Department. The patch is in the shape of the traditional "peanut" form worn by many policing agencies in the United States since the end of World War II. The background of the patch is green with gold lettering, trim, and designs throughout.

Image of 2008.010.160 - Badge, Law Enforcement

2008.010.160 - Badge, Law Enforcement

Seven point silver colored metal police badge with the words "Special Deputy Jefferson County" surrounding the state seal of Colorado.