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Name Lookout Mountain

Associated Records

Image of 2011.020.080 - Scrapbook

2011.020.080 - Scrapbook

Object list can be found in the front of the three-ring binder. 1) -"Home continues to make history" by Lorraine Wagenbach; The Colorado Transcript September 27, 1983 2) -"Action Center puts people back on feet" by Lorraine Wagenbach; The Colorado Transcript April 16, 1981 3) -"Talking back to clich├ęd vocabulary" by Lorraine Wagenbach; Rocky Mountain News January 17, 1983 -"On Words and Numbers" by Lorraine Wagenbach, 2 pages -Correspondence to Speak Out Editor from Lorraine Wagenbach, July 6, 1982 -Correspondence from Bill Hosokawa of The Denver Post to Lorraine Wagenbach, May 14, 1982 -Correspondence from Lorraine Wagenbach to William Hornby editor of The Denver Post May 7, 1982 4)

Image of 2015.016.001 - Narrative

2015.016.001 - Narrative

"A Vacation in Colorado: July 4, 1941 to August 1, 1941" as written by Harold A. Miner with William Miner. A 47 page narrative about their vacation to Colorado and Golden in 1941.

Image of 2016.013.001 - Program

2016.013.001 - Program

Program for the 1st Lookout Mountain Hillclimb held in Golden, Colorado on August 1-2, 1953 in conjunction with Buffalo Bill Days. Pages 4 and 5 have newspaper clippings for the event.

Image of 2017.034.020 - Fonds

2017.034.020 - Fonds

Folder #20 containing items from Georgina Brown, including - Postcard - Max Mosko Motel (near Kipling and Colfax) - KVOD Memorandum dated 3-15-1958 on thirty Golden elementary school children competing in a county spelling bee - Magazine - Judicature: To Promote the Efficient Administration of Justice," 1966, containing an article written by Daniel Shannon profiling the 1964 Hall of Justice in Golden - 1967 - Student Enrollment and Facilities Projectins - Pamphlet - "The New Courthouse, 1878" - Typewritten page of "Golden, Colorado's Liberty Bell" by Mary M. Baxter, 1967 - Pamphlet - "Morrison Monitor" - 1940 - Pers

Image of 1374 - Postcard

1374 - Postcard

Black and white photo postcard of Buffalo Bill's casket on stand with people standing round on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. Back of postcard is unused.

Image of 1374.a - Postcard

1374.a - Postcard

Black and white photo postcard of Buffalo Bill's gravesite on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. taken after the burial. Men are visible standing near the grave. Back of postcard is unused.

Image of 1374.b - Postcard

1374.b - Postcard

Black and white photo postcard of men in masonic aprons lowering Buffalo Bill's casket into a grave on Lookout Mountain. An American flag is draped over the top of the casket that is partially in the ground. Back of postcard is unused.

Image of 1374.c - Postcard

1374.c - Postcard

Black and white photo postcard of men in masonic aprons preparing to lower Buffalo Bill's casket into a grave on Lookout Mountain. A bouqet of flowers rests on top of the casket. Back of postcard is unused.

Image of 1374.d - Postcard

1374.d - Postcard

Black and white photo postcard of Buffalo Bill's casket before burial, the casket lid is open. An American flag with flowers are draped over the closed lid of the casket. Several people are standing around the casket, one man is standing to the right of the casket holding an umbrella. Back of postcard is unused.

Image of 1823 - Postcard

1823 - Postcard

Unused Postcard: Wildcat Point - Lookout Mt. Denver

Image of 2011.003.025 - Brochure

2011.003.025 - Brochure

One promotional brochure issued by the Golden Chamber of Commerce titled, Golden, Colorado, a place to live a place to visit. The brochure includes a brief history of Golden 1859-1926 written by Richard Broad Jr. Pictures include Guggenheim Hall, Golden in 1865, Golden's first hotel, the first Masonic lodge, Golden High School, Golden Fire Brick Company, and a panoramic view of Golden with a legend that identifies key landmarks.

Image of 2012.028.017 - Postcard

2012.028.017 - Postcard

Color postcard of Lookout Mountain with the title "5968. Rounding Windy Point, near Golden, Denver Mountain Parks." Cars can be seen on the road with more mountains in the background. Written on the back: "Rounding Windy Point Near Golden, This is another scenic feature on the road through Denver's new Mountain Park System, just completed, which is unsurrpassed by any similar trip in the world. The automobile highway leading through this chain of parks is considered one of hte best improved in the country." Handwritten on the back: "Cement Bill Williams".

Image of 2012.028.018 - Album, Postcard

2012.028.018 - Album, Postcard

Postcard album envelope with 22 postcards that are accordian style attached to the envelope. Written on the outside of the envelope: "Golden, First Capital of Colorado, Souvenir Folder, The Region of Peaks, Parks, and Canons". The postcards inside are: "1464- Golden-First Capital of Colorado"; "1528 Castle Rock Mountain, The Peerless Panoramic Peak of The Rockies, Golden, Colo."; "1473 Castle Rock MT., Adolph Coor's Brewery in Foreground, Golden, Colo."; "1526 Golden, Colo. from Sentinel Point on Castle Rock Mountain Railway"; "1470 Washington Ave., Golden, Colo."; "1530 Above the Clouds, on Castle Rock Mountain, at Golden, Colo."; "1068 State Industrial School for Boys, Golden, Colorado.";

Image of 2012.062.009 - Postcard

2012.062.009 - Postcard

Color postcard of the Lookout Mountain Park Funicular in Golden, CO.

Image of 2012.082.005 - Postcard, Picture

2012.082.005 - Postcard, Picture

Color postcard of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Golden, CO. Circular inset in upper right corner show portrait of Buffalo Bill wearing a large brimmed hat. Title across top reads, "15666. Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, Lookout Mt., Colo." Postcard is unused.

Image of 2014.002.023 - Poster

2014.002.023 - Poster

One color poster showing different landmarks of the City of Golden. The poster also includes written history of different landmarks and of the City of Golden. The poster was created by Front Range Poster Promotions from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Image of 2014.047.064 - Postcard

2014.047.064 - Postcard

Color postcard with the title "307-Famous Double Hairpins on the Road to Lookout Mountain". The image is the Lariat Trail with four cars driving on the double hairpins and shows a wood fence around the road. Written on the bottom: Denver Mountain Parks, Colorado.

Image of 2014.047.066 - Postcard

2014.047.066 - Postcard

Color postcard with an image of a car full of people parked along Lariat Trail on Lookout Mountain overlooking Golden and downtown Denver. The title of the postcard: 5989. Looking Thru Golden Gateway, Denver in Distance, Denver Mountain Parks.

Image of 2015.007.001 - Postcard

2015.007.001 - Postcard

One color postcard with an aerial view of downtown Golden, Colorado. Some landmarks of Golden are shown: St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Bella Vista Hotel, Guggenheim Hall, Jefferson County Courthouse, Mount Zion, and Lookout Mountain. Written on the top of the postcard: 1800; Golden, Colorado; and On Colorado & Southern Ry. Postmark on the back is Golden, Colo. Sept 23, 1911 9am.

Image of 2015.034.001 - Postcard, Picture

2015.034.001 - Postcard, Picture

Black and white postcard of three burros tied up outside the Lariat Trading Post located on Lookout Mountain. The larger of the burros on the left side of the postcard has gear loaded on its back with a gold pan on the side. The gold pan has the words "The Prospectors Trail" written on the inside. The burros are beside an adobe building. The front bumper of a car can be seen on the far left side of the photograph. A hill with several trees and a building is located in the background. Written on the right side of the photograph: Three Jacks at MTN Parks Trading Post Lookout MTN Colorado. Written on the back: Dearest Sherry, Mother & Daddy cooked supper on Lookout Mountain and we saw this pl