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Name Mount Zion

Associated Records

Image of 2015.016.001 - Narrative

2015.016.001 - Narrative

"A Vacation in Colorado: July 4, 1941 to August 1, 1941" as written by Harold A. Miner with William Miner. A 47 page narrative about their vacation to Colorado and Golden in 1941.

Image of 2002.001.006 - Postcard

2002.001.006 - Postcard

Color postcard #3135 of the Lariat Trail and the "M" from Lookout Mountain Road in Golden, CO. Postcard is unused.

Image of 1994.026.c - Postcard

1994.026.c - Postcard

Used color postcard titled, "Guggenheim Hall, School of Mines, Golden, Colo." across the bottom. Mount Zion is in the upper left background and a horse and buggy is parked on the front left of the building. A correspondance and address is on the back.

Image of 1994.099.001 - Postcard

1994.099.001 - Postcard

Color postcard of Guggenheim Hall on the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. Mount Zion is in the upper left background and a horse and buggy is parked on the front left of the building.

Image of 1994.099.002 - Postcard

1994.099.002 - Postcard

Color postcard of Guggenheim Hall on the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. Mount Zion is in the upper left background and a horse and buggy is parked on the front left of the building. The back is marked Jefferson County Museum and Neg. 338.

Image of 2012.028.016 - Postcard

2012.028.016 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of the School of Mines campus located in Golden, Colorado. Guggenheim Hall is located on the left side of the picture with Mount Zion in the background. The School of Mines "M" is visible on Mount Zion. The clay pits can be seen at the base of Mount Zion. Written on the bottom: S1144 Campus-School of Mines-Golden, Colo.

Image of 2012.028.018 - Album, Postcard

2012.028.018 - Album, Postcard

Postcard album envelope with 22 postcards that are accordian style attached to the envelope. Written on the outside of the envelope: "Golden, First Capital of Colorado, Souvenir Folder, The Region of Peaks, Parks, and Canons". The postcards inside are: "1464- Golden-First Capital of Colorado"; "1528 Castle Rock Mountain, The Peerless Panoramic Peak of The Rockies, Golden, Colo."; "1473 Castle Rock MT., Adolph Coor's Brewery in Foreground, Golden, Colo."; "1526 Golden, Colo. from Sentinel Point on Castle Rock Mountain Railway"; "1470 Washington Ave., Golden, Colo."; "1530 Above the Clouds, on Castle Rock Mountain, at Golden, Colo."; "1068 State Industrial School for Boys, Golden, Colorado.";

Image of 2011.003.025 - Brochure

2011.003.025 - Brochure

One promotional brochure issued by the Golden Chamber of Commerce titled, Golden, Colorado, a place to live a place to visit. The brochure includes a brief history of Golden 1859-1926 written by Richard Broad Jr. Pictures include Guggenheim Hall, Golden in 1865, Golden's first hotel, the first Masonic lodge, Golden High School, Golden Fire Brick Company, and a panoramic view of Golden with a legend that identifies key landmarks.

Image of 2014.051.001 - Pennant, Promotional

2014.051.001 - Pennant, Promotional

One Golden, Colorado pennant, c. 1950s. Pennant is green felt with white lettering and a pair of blue felt ties on the left side. A circular photo collage on the left includes Mount Zion, Howdy Folks arch, Coors Brewery, Buffalo Bill's grave, and the Colorado School of Mines.

Image of 2015.007.001 - Postcard

2015.007.001 - Postcard

One color postcard with an aerial view of downtown Golden, Colorado. Some landmarks of Golden are shown: St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Bella Vista Hotel, Guggenheim Hall, Jefferson County Courthouse, Mount Zion, and Lookout Mountain. Written on the top of the postcard: 1800; Golden, Colorado; and On Colorado & Southern Ry. Postmark on the back is Golden, Colo. Sept 23, 1911 9am.

Image of 2017.034.044 - Postcard

2017.034.044 - Postcard

Used sepia-tone postcard of a man sitting on a rock formation with a scenic look of Golden, Colorado. Front contains caption "1464 Golden- First Capital of Colorado." Image lists points of interest including School of Mines, Mt. Zion showing "M", Midland Auto Trail, and Entrance to Clear Creek Canon. Published by H. H. Tammen Company of Denver, Colorado. Requires one-cent stamp. Postcard mailed to Mr. Henry Wharmel in Iowa from Frank. Postmarked June 25, 1915 from La Junta, Colorado.

Image of 2015.072.021 - Postcard, Picture

2015.072.021 - Postcard, Picture

Unused color picture postcard of a view of the city of Golden from above. On back a caption reads: "#3026 - Panorama of Golden from Castle Rock showing the School of Mines "M" and Mount Lion [sic] in the background, at the entrance to Denver Mountain Parks.

Image of 1998.004.001 - Print, Photographic

1998.004.001 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the Coors Porcelain Company in Golden, CO. Roughly 200 employees are assembled outside the Ford Street side of the building. Coors U.S.A. Chemical & Scientific Porcelain is painted across the top of the brick building. Mount Zion and the "M" are visible in the upper left corner.

Image of 2012.012.002 - Print, Photographic

2012.012.002 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a Denver & Inter Mountain electric engine 1106 parked on track in Golden, Colorado. A young boy is posing on front of the engine for the photo. Behind the engine is Duvall-Davison Lumber Co. Mount Zion and the "M" is also visible in the background.

Image of 2012.010.012 - Print, Photographic

2012.010.012 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of a group of men constructing Denver & Northwestern, 42" gauge train track in Golden, CO. To the right are the homes of Lt. Gov. William G. Smith (blocky-looking structure with tall chimney) and the Wheeler house (with ornamental porch). Eldridge house is further up the street facing toward camera. Calvary Episcopal Church is on the left. Mount Zion is in the background. Caption on the back of photo says, Working on a portion of the terminal loop on Second St. (12th Street today) in Golden. However, location is actually 13th Street. The depot will be built on the lot at the right of the picture, close to the mid-block between Washington Avenue and Arapahoe Street.

Image of 2011.046.004 - Print, Photographic

2011.046.004 - Print, Photographic

Color photo of two freshmen from CSM balancing rocks on their helmets for the annual "M" Climb in Golden, CO.

Image of 2011.099.098 - Print, Photographic

2011.099.098 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the Coors Brewery with Mount Zion in the background. Large tanks can be seen stacked on the North side of the brewery with train cars parked on the tracks by the tanks. The old Coors smoke stack is still on top of the brewery. Guggenheim Hall and South School can be seen in the background as well.

Image of 2012.010.058 - Print, Photographic

2012.010.058 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photo looking west up 12th Street at the intersection with Washington Avenue in Golden, CO. A man driving a team and wagon are in the intersecrion. The Rubey Building is on the left and across the street is the Broad Building. Immediately behind the Broad Building is Standley Hall. The Loveland Building is visable on the right hand side, housing S.W. Chapman. Chapman was in the mercantile business between his arrival in Golden in fall 1876 to his death in spring 1879. That's the timeframe in which the photo must be taken; the place definitely has different names before and after that. The signboard in total likely read "S.W. Chapman & Co." Mount Zion is in the background.

Image of 2011.046.005 - Print, Photographic

2011.046.005 - Print, Photographic

Color photo of CSM "M" Climb with freshmen holding out helmets.

Image of 2011.046.001 - Print, Photographic

2011.046.001 - Print, Photographic

Color photo of five freshman girls from the Colorado School of Mines holding their 10lb rocks for the annual hill climb up Mount Zion. All of the girls are wearing their green miner helmets.