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Image of 2015.064.021.3 - Ashtray

2015.064.021.3 - Ashtray

Coors Porcelain Company Third piece of a set of three white porcelain nesting ashtrays produced by Coors Porcelain Company Nesting Coors Porcelain Company dish, small Coors, Adolph Herman Joseph Herold, John J. Coors, Adolph Herman Joseph II

Record Type: Object

Image of 2017.008.044 - Print, Photographic

2017.008.044 - Print, Photographic

Coors Porcelain Company Golden High School Parfet Park Washington Avenue from what is today Parfet Park. Coors Porcelain with large chimneys is visible to the right.

Record Type: Photographs

Image of 2017.008.057 - Postcard, Picture

2017.008.057 - Postcard, Picture

Castle Rock Coors Porcelain Company Robinson's Book Store lower left. At bottom of image, printed in the white border, is "Coors Porcelain Co. Golden, Colo View of Coors Porcelain Factory

Record Type: Object

Image of 2059a - Postcard

2059a - Postcard

Colorado School of Mines Coors Brewing Company Coors Porcelain Company Holland House Washington

Record Type: Object

Image of 92.14 - Ashtray

92.14 - Ashtray

Coors Porcelain Company Coors Porcelain Company CoorsTek hold cigarettes. Located on the bottom is raised lettering: Coors. This is a Anholt ashtray. Coors Porcelain black and white ashtray

Record Type: Object

Image of E2013.040.001 - Catalog, Trade

E2013.040.001 - Catalog, Trade

Coors Porcelain Company CoorsTek One copy of Evolution of a Lump O' Clay by Coors. Front and back cover are torn off.

Record Type: Object